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Stamps Health Services Reduces Negative Environmental Impact

Stamps Health Services Clinical Laboratory and Radiology Services have made acquisitions in equipment that has greatly reduced the potential for negative impact on the environment.

In the laboratory, a wet chemistry instrument was replaced by a chemistry instrument that utilizes Dry Slide Technology. This eliminates the use of liquid chemical preparations entirely and employs a reagent embedded dry wafer for analysis that can be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Georgia Tech Auxiliary Services Conserves Water

GT Dining went

GT Dining Sells Organic Food

For the first time, the Student Center Food Court, Brittain and Woodruff Dining Halls, and both convenience stores, EastSide and WestSide markets have organic foods, including packaged food products, produce and entrees. "We saw a demand for organic products so we teamed up with the SOS [Students Organizing for Sustainability] organization and created a committee to see what students would like," said Staci Heck, retail operations director, GT Dining.