Preventing Bike Theft on Campus

Fall has officially arrived. With that, many are taking to the great outdoors — often by bike to make the most of the convenience, health benefits, and environmentally friendly aspects of this mode of transportation. Unfortunately, criminals want to make the most of bikes, too.

“On average, more than 50 bicycles are reported stolen on campus every year. Inexpensive bikes are stolen as frequently as expensive bikes,” said Captain Randy Barrone of Georgia Tech Police Department’s (GTPD) Crime Prevention Unit.

New Patrol Initiative Enhances Community Safety and Outreach

If you have recently noticed police officers in fluorescent yellow shirts riding bikes on campus, you are not alone. This highly visible four-member team is the newest creation of the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD), designed to enhance campus safety and community outreach.

The GTPD Core Campus Team launched on June 11 as one of several changes borne out of an in-depth analysis of data related to calls for service. Analysis included comparison of the call nature, timing, and location during the 12–hour shifts worked by all patrol officers.

Bike Repair Rack to Roll onto Campus; Students School Officers on Cycling Laws

As the observance of National Bike Month comes to a close at the end of May, campus bicycle enthusiasts will still put one wheel after the other in their work to make Georgia Tech and its surrounding areas more bicycle-friendly.