Georgia Tech Recycling Program Wins Award

Keep Georgia Beautiful recently recognized the Georgia Tech Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling (OSWM&R) with the Move-In/Move-Out Program with a first place award in the Waste Reduction and Recycling category of the Keep Georgia Beautiful 2009 Awards Program. Cindy Jackson, Manager of the OSWM&R, attended a reception at Emory University on November 5 to accept the award.

GT Dining Promotes Conservation Programs

Not so many years ago people might have laughed if told that used vegetable oil could be the fuel powering planes, trains and automobiles. Today that is just one of the environmental programs that GT Dining is working to make a reality.

Take a look at some of the programs GT Dining does and is planning to do on the Georgia Tech campus to promote and protect the environment.

Cooking Oil = Biodiesel Fuel

Georgia Tech Recycles Cell Phones And Batteries

Battery and cell phone recycling is now an everyday operation on Georgia Tech

Student Alumni Association Awards More Than $20,000 to Campus Recycling

Recently, members of the Georgia Tech Student Alumni Association (SAA) presented the Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling with more than $20,000 through its SAA Gift to Tech program. 

“Our office is honored to have been thought of so highly by the students that they would support our initiatives monetarily,” said Cindy Jackson, manager of campus recycling. “I will be working closely with the Student Alumni Association to develop plans on how the money will be used to expand the recycling program here at Georgia Tech.”

21 Tons: Recycling Program Sets New Record

The Game Day Recycling program broke its own record this football season, diverting 21 tons of glass, aluminum, cardboard, plastic and other recyclables away from landfills for a chance at a second life.

September Issue of Recycling Buzz Now Online

Though it may not be as iconic or dense as the infamous Vogue September issue, this month's Recycling Buzz is now available for your reading pleasure.

This month's issue features the Game Day Recycling program, which kicks off its fourth season at tonight's home opener against Western Carolina, as well as information about plastic and aluminum recycling, student move-in and upcoming events. Read or download (but please, don't print) the Recycling Buzz (pdf).

January Issue of Recyling Buzz Now Available

Should you recycle pizza boxes? How can your trips to Starbucks get greener? And how can you help plan Georgia Tech's 2012 Earth Day celebration? Read about these things and more in this month's issue of the Recycling Buzz from the Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling.

Read or download the January issue now (pdf).

February Recycling Buzz Highlights Earth Day Plans, GLC

This month's Recycling Buzz newsletter highlights how to get involved in the planning of Georgia Tech's 2012 Earth Day Celebration and how a group of students saved the recycling program at the Graduate Living Center. Also learn more about members of the recycling staff and see the latest waste diversion stats for campus.

Download and read the February issue now (pdf).