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Students Acknowledge Green Initiatives, Seek Ways to Achieve More

By Ben Goldberg, Contributing Writer, The Technique

It is a tremendous feat that a university like Tech that is dedicated to math and sciences, ranks among the top institutions in the country dedicated to promoting green technology initiatives.

According to the most recent 2011 Princeton Review poll of the greenest college campuses, Tech attained the highest possible score and was placed on the Green College Honor Roll with only fifteen other colleges that displayed outstanding commitment to sustainable living.

Profile: Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS)

By Ben Goldberg, Contributing Writer, The Technique

Promoting “green” lifestyles may be difficult alone, but there are also ways to connect with Tech students who share the passion of keeping Earth healthy in a fun and creative way.

Students Organizing for Sustainability, or SOS, was founded seven years ago as a tool for students to get informed and active with environmental advocacy projects on campus.

Learning Goes Paperless

By Erin Sapp, Contributing Writer, The Technique

Eight and a half by eleven — white, blank, empty. Paper has always been one of the necessary elements of school that students take for granted.

For decades upon decades Tech students have clutched lined notebook paper in their hands as they trudge to class; they have frantically flipped through these same sheets during finals week, reviewing the surfeit of notes they scribbled months ago.

Are Changing Weather Patterns a Concern?

By Lauren Townsend, Contributing Writer, The Technique

Global warming: it’s a term that has people talking. Everyone from politicians to students knows of, or at least has heard of, recent climate changes thanks to popular coverage in the news.

Tips & Tricks: How to live “Green”

By Georgia Wang, Contributing Writer, The Technique

Sometimes life moves so fast that it’s easy to forget the consequences of our actions. The most convenient or affordable choice may not always be the most sustainable choice. However, there are lots of little things you can do to make a big difference. These small changes not only benefit the earth, but can benefit you as well. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you go green without slowing you down.

Use Reusable Shopping Bags