Georgia Tech’s Honeybees Buzz on WABE

Georgia Tech’s Urban Honey Bee Project attracted another visit from Atlanta public radio last month. The project, managed by the College of Sciences,  is a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate research and education program focused on the impact of urban habitats on honey bees. Georgia Tech recently received certification as an affiliate of Bee Campus USA, a program that aims to harness the strengths of educational campuses to benefit pollinators. The Georgia Tech campus is only the second in the U.S. to achieve this status.

Candace Wheeler of WABE 90.1 FM visited the hives, on the roof of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, under the careful guidance of honeybee expert and project director Jennifer Leavey and Anne Boykin-Smith, a master planner for Georgia Tech Capital Planning and Space Management and a hobbyist beekeeper.

Ironically, yellow jackets (wasps) are not nice to bees; they prey on bees. But not at Georgia Tech, where the honeybees enrich the campus and enjoy the attention of students, faculty, and visitors.

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