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The Georgia Institute of Technology has reached another project milestone by selecting Skanska to construct the Institute’s Living Building.
Although construction won’t begin until the spring semester of 2017, students have been working since 2015 to design the Solar Home at Georgia Tech that will be entered in the next Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.
Extreme weather conditions associated with climate change may extend the ozone season in the Southeastern United States.
Twenty-three Georgia Tech students take "Progress and Service" to a health clinic in Haiti — and bring a lot of lessons home.
While global warming shrinks ice caps, it's expanding “oxygen minimum zones,” where newly discovered bacteria are depleting waters of nitrogen, a nutrient essential to life. This could be creating imbalances.
A conference hosted recently by Tech’s Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain had participants look at how to blaze new paths in sustainable education and community engagement — and even took them into the field to get their hands (or rather, shoes) dirty.
Chatman is on a personal and professional mission to reduce paper usage — and that’s above and beyond her dedication to Georgia Tech’s green cleaning program.
Soaking certain carbon fiber composites in alcohol enables the pieces to be recycled
The 2014-2015 marine heatwave – often referred to as the “warm blob” – had its origins in weather patterns that started in late 2013.
Three initiatives demonstrate efforts in this department to reduce waste and optimize operations.


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