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Assistant professor Kari Watkins said Georgia needs the political will to invest in building bullet trains before the high-speed links will happen in the state. And that’s the hardest part.
Collaboration Expands University's World-class Research Capabilities in Energy and Other Technical Areas
Monica Halka, associate director for the Honors Program, talks about the experience.
Juan Moreno-Cruz and BBISS Director John Crittenden lead three-year study to understand how energy efficiency and supply impact regional economic and energy resilience
Georgia Tech’s campus is home to many research laboratories, but how often is Tech itself the subject of research?
Energy research center tackles materials that tackle pollutants
Georgia Tech professor researches the relationship between marketing and sustainability.
Improving energy storage and conversion will expand use of renewables
In collaboration with Shanghai’s Tongji University, students in the dual Urban Design Studio have spent the last semester conceptualizing a new framework for Eco-City Design in the context of Chongming Island, Shanghai.
The Energy Expo will take place April 2–3 at the Student Center, bringing together students and others in the Atlanta and national energy community.


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