Preventing Bike Theft on Campus

Fall has officially arrived. With that, many are taking to the great outdoors — often by bike to make the most of the convenience, health benefits, and environmentally friendly aspects of this mode of transportation. Unfortunately, criminals want to make the most of bikes, too.

“On average, more than 50 bicycles are reported stolen on campus every year. Inexpensive bikes are stolen as frequently as expensive bikes,” said Captain Randy Barrone of Georgia Tech Police Department’s (GTPD) Crime Prevention Unit.

GTPD advises that the best defense against bike theft is the use of a high-quality U-lock to secure the bike to one of the many bike racks on campus. Bikes should also be registered with the GTPD at — no matter the type. Those who register their bikes with GTPD, receive a free headlight plus a rear safety reflector light.

Here are some additional tips to help prevent a criminal from taking your bike for a ride. 

  • Avoid using lightweight cables or chains, or low-quality U-locks, as these can be cut with relative ease.
  • The lock should always go through the frame. If possible, attach bicycles to bike racks through the frame and both wheels. If both wheels cannot be attached, be sure to attach the frame and one wheel.
  • Do not attach the lock to parts of the bicycle that may be easily removed, such as the seat post or only the wheel.
  • Check the lock before departing to ensure it is secured.
  • If you have a quick release for the seat or front wheel, take these items with you.
  • Do not leave any free or easily detachable parts, such as headlights or bags, on the bike.  
  • Avoid leaving bicycles locked outside overnight.

More information on bicycling on campus can be found on the Parking & Transportation Services website ( Visit GTPD at for more information on registering your bicycle.


Lisa Safstrom
Campus Transportation Planner
Parking and Transportation Services

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