Students Get Wasteless With Sustainability Challenge

For those who have mastered the challenge of getting travel toiletries into a quart-sized bag, it’s time to take on the Student Government Association (SGA) Sustainability Committee’s Wasteless Challenge.

From April 17–21, students will try to fit a week’s worth of waste into a single gallon-sized bag. Participants will put anything they can’t reuse, compost, or recycle into a provided bag. The challenge is focused on the “five R’s”: Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle.

The first 200 students to sign up will be given a zero-waste starter kit with eco-friendly essentials. The winning team will receive a $1,000 donation toward a charity of choice, with points awarded based on participation throughout the week.

Sign up by Wednesday, April 12, at and share your progress on social media with #GetWasteless.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page or the SGA Sustainability Committee’s page.

The competition leads up to Tech’s 20th annual Earth Day celebration on April 21. Learn more about the festival at and plan to attend.


Natalie Leonard

SGA Sustainability Committee

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