Green News

Organization elected to go green with its inaugural Gift to Tech program.
See the intersection of fashion and sustainability with this eco fashion show, part of Think Green Week.
Five-year, $8 million grant creates new joint center studying air pollution and health impacts.
Designation is in recognition of campus forestry management and environmental stewardship
A recent study by Georgia Tech research associate Jennifer DuBose shows that several elements need to be considered when choosing the correct floor for a hospital environment.
A 9 percent increase from the previous year, representing 19 percent of waste generated at football games
One year after a devastating earthquake, a possible solution for rebuilding Haiti’s structures
The South could pay less for electricity in 20 years with policies to spur renewable energy production and use.
Students work with communities to develop long-term plans
Project title: “Risk Conscious Design and Retrofit of Buildings for Low Energy"


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