About Green Buzz

Georgia Tech's pedestrian friendly campus

Georgia Tech's pedestrian friendly campus.

Green Buzz is a centralized resource for informing, showcasing and encouraging green behaviors, activities, initiatives and events at Georgia Tech. It was designed to showcase the myriad ways in which the Tech community is working to change how people think about and use the planet’s raw materials.

Whether in the realm of research, policy or practice, members of the Georgia Tech community are recognized leaders in the field of sustainability. This site hopes to capture a fraction of the good work being done and point you to resources where you may delve deeper or find a place to grow your own sustainable endeavors.

If you know of something that should be shared on Green Buzz, e-mail greenbuzz@gatech.edu with information about research, academic programs, events, clubs, classes, lectures, internships or other environmental sustainability initiatives. To keep up with the latest Green Buzz as it happens, follow us on Twitter via @GTgreenbuzz.

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