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Captain Planet visits campus as part of Earth Day festivities.

Captain Planet visits campus as part of Earth Day festivities.

Students, faculty and staff have an opportunity to be part of Georgia Tech’s “Green Buzz.” Whether you choose to carpool or recycle your office paper, Georgia Tech supports involvement in green efforts.

Many campus leaders have already forged a path to involvement. Please join them in their quest to create a greener, more sustainable Georgia Tech. Below are many involvement opportunities. For information about research opportunities, visit our Research page.

If you are already involved in environmental sustainability efforts, we want to hear from you. Please e-mail your information about classes, programs, research, activities, events and efforts to


Student Organizations:

Students Organizing for Sustainability

Run grassroots campaigns on a wide range of environmental, political, and social issues in order to promote the greater goal of building a more sustainable campus, community, and world.

Solar Jackets

Solar racing competition club established to explore alternative energy design.

Starter Bikes

Collaboration with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition that offers free bike maintenance and low-cost used bikes to the Tech community.

Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Environmental Engineering student organization.

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Promotes engineering that fosters environmental, social and economic sustainability to develop sustainable solutions for local, regional and national problems.


Promote appreciation for trail adventure and exploration, motivating participants to work towards enhancing and conserving the trail network that exists across the country.

Student Government Association

Actively advocates sustainability and student involvement in campus sustainability through a focused student subcommittee.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Plan, design, and implement sustainable technology solutions.

Mobilizing Opportunity for Volunteer Experience (MOVE)

Organizes environmentally-oriented service opportunities for Tech students including landscaping, park cleanup and construction.


Campus Events:


Annual one-day service event drawing the Tech community together to improve the Metro-Atlanta area and inspire a passion for community service.

Tech Beautification Day

Annual day of service in which Georgia Tech students, alumni, faculty and staff unite to beautify the campus and surrounding community.

Business Plan Competition

Business plan competition that includes a special award for sustainability.

Earth Day and Think Green Week

Celebration takes place annually on the Georgia Tech campus.

Gameday Recycling 

Celebration takes place annually on the Georgia Tech campus.




Social carpool matching service exclusive to the Georgia Tech community.


Car sharing service that offers hourly rentals to run errands or make short trips for those without a car on campus.

Bike GT

Online resource for all things bicycle-related at Georgia Tech, organized by the Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC).