Sheep help manage kudzu growth on campus


Georgia Tech maintains numerous Institutional environmental sustainability programs. The following list is just a sampling of programs.

Green Cleaning

In addition to using environmentally friendly hand soap, paper products, cleaning equipment, floor finish, stripper, carpet cleaner, garbage bags and towel dispensers, Georgia Tech requires that all vendors provide only green products. Our cleaning equipment uses 70 percent less water and 90 percent fewer chemicals than traditional equipment.


Georgia Tech established a recycling program in 1996 to oversee campus recycling efforts. Housed within the Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling, the program’s mission is to encourage and expand recycling, waste diversion and reuse programs and to promote efforts to decrease the amount of landfill waste produced on campus. The Gameday Recycling program focuses on minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfills as a result of on-campus activity during home football games each fall.

Landscape Design & Management

Sustainability is a key component in the Georgia Tech Campus Master Plan. The integration of sustainability into campus development is outlined in a Landscape Master Plan that dictates the use of drought-tolerant vegetation, the reduction of impervious surfaces, an increase in the campus tree canopy and developing performance landscapes that will help reduce hydrocarbon emission, material consumption and effectively capture and reuse storm water.

Important Contacts

Cindy Jackson
Associate Director
Georgia Tech Recycling
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Tommy Little
Associate Vice President
Facilities - Green Cleaning
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Anne Rogers
Sustainability Program and Portfolio Manager
Campus Sustainability
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